Season 1 Edit

The first season of the series all 6 episodes were written by BoCoTheDiese123, some loosely based off Railway Series books and Christopher Awdry's Books (For Example 'Thomas & The Evil Diesel.

  1. Thomas Takes The Express- Annie and Clarabel are to go for there re-fit, Thomas can not find another coaches to take apart from the Express Coaches
  2. Gordon's Slippery Rail- Percy warns Gordon about the slippery track at Tidmouth Station, when a oil truck leaked. Gordon does not listen a rolls into the coal pile, making Henry and himself late.
  3. Diesel Saves the Day!- Diesel has been bought by the Fat Controller, and the other engines are not pleased to see him, he takes his anger out on the trucks in the yard, and he crashes into the wall, later he has to help Thomas with a explosive van that could go off any second.
  4. Thomas and the the Points- Thomas has trouble with the points outside Wellsworth
  5. Percy in a Muddle- Based off the Season 8 episode "Chickens To School"
  6. Duck the Really Useful Engine- When Edward is away, Duck has to help at Wellsworth Station

Trivia Edit

  • This series is set between Season 2 and 3