Thomas is the number 1 engine on The Fat Controllers Railway

Thomas is a cheeky, fussy tank engine, he arrived in 1915 as a station pilot at Vicarstown until 1925 when he helped James from the field and was given his two coaches Annie and Clarabel. He also takes a special coach from time to time

Biography Edit

Thomas was built in Brighton in 1915 and was sent to the island the same year by mistake, The Fat Director was meant to receive 107 but ended up with 108 (Thomas) this was likely a war time mix-up, but The Fat Director let him stay as he was the exact same class of engine. Thomas worked in Vicarstown, shunting trains for all of the engines, later in 1925 he helped James after he came off the rails and as a reward he was given the Ffarquhar Branch Line along with his coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

Models Edit

  • Season 1- SI3D 2006 Thomas
  • Season 2- SI3D 2006 Thomas

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas' original number was 108
  • He, Toby and Percy are all best friends
  • Thomas' favorite station is Elsbridge