Toby is the number 7 Tram Engine on the Island of Sodor, he has a fateful coach called Henrietta. He was bought to island when a police man wouldn't let Thomas up to Center Island Quarry as he had no side-plates or cowcatchers. He worked on Thomas' Branch Line for a long time, taking stone trucks to the docks. He occasionally took Henrietta with proper passengers (She was mainly used for caring workmen) Until he was able to pull more passengers when the Ulfstead Extension was built in 2004.


Toby was built in 1914, in Stratford Works with his brothers. Toby was sent to work on a branch line north of the island in 1942, only a few engines worked here. Soon, buses and lorries did Toby and his friends' work for them. This meant that they didn't have many jobs to do. In 1951, The Fat Controller came to the island for a holiday with his family

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